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Antique Child Push Sleigh

This antique push sleigh is over 100 yrs old
Sleigh received from 93 yr old woman, was her mother’s sleigh
I have not found a makers name or mark
The sleigh is 28 1/2″ long with a 1 1/2″ front bumper, 12 3/4″ wide
The handle is 18 1/2″ wide and 35″ high
The seat and 2 sides have original leather covering, signs of age and stains on leather
Floor in front of seat has a sliding panel
The front panel looks like it is missing a piece on top inside
Handle uprights, crossties and skis are metal
There is a piece of plywood on the bottom that is not original the rest of the sleigh is original
With some care and cleaning will make a very nice piece.


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