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We Are Always Hunting Deals or Unusual Gifts
That You Must Have!

When listing an item we try to describe all the things you would want to know. If there is an issue with an item we tell and show you the issue so there are no surprises.
Some items are sent from the manufacturer, if there is an issue Sudden Justice Treasures will still handle the support.
Standing behind anything we sell and providing exceptional customer service is our goal.

Our Story

I owned a local construction trucking company.
We did not have much work in the winter months but still had to pay the bills. Having a large collection of stuff from cleanouts and scrapping, I started selling it using online classifieds and auction sites.

In 2010 an injury left me unable to work my trucking business. My wife and I started the Sudden Justice Treasures website so we could list more items and make a full-time business out of it.
Now Sudden Justice Treasures has multiple sources for products in a wide variety of categories.

We are always hunting deals or unusual gifts that you must have. We share a lot of them here on Sudden Justice Treasures so check in often or join the newsletter to be notified first.
Some of our best deals show up on our Facebook page first if you like our page you will be notified when we list a deal.